This week God has proven once again to be God. Bringing me once again to the cross.  Someone said that we work hard so that we can do good things.  I agree, but would add God to that picture.  So, I would say that we work hard so that we are in position to do the good works that God has for us to do.  Please pray for that goal for us and for yourself.  Thank you for your prayers, for the creator of all there is, hears them!



We have a lot coming up with the church that we are really excited about. Today though, I’d like to ask that we all pray for the Pope. As a protestant, I don’t agree with the theology behind the office of the pope, but regardless, we live in a world that is heavily influenced by the Catholic Church, and thus, the Pope. As Pope Benedict steps down today, please pray that his successor is a man who will love God with his heart, soul, mind, and strength, and that he will lean on God’s strength to lead boldly.


I appreciate your prayers for wisdom in regarding the NAMB apprentice program and a recent opportunity that was presented for Lakeview. Had a really good visit with an awesome man of God who is looking to start in this program July 2013. The entire conversation was a huge answer to prayer.


We have the opportunity to bring in some additional help through the NAMB intern and apprentice programs for church planters. I have just been introduced to someone interested in the apprentice program, and would appreciate your prayers as we move forward in conversations with this potential candidate. Thanks!


OK, I know this is being posted a day late, so my apologies for that. Now on to the request for yesterday and today (part 1, anyway): We have some decisions that need to be made on the March 31st launch. The Launch will take place, but it may have a different feel than originally expected. God has lead us to some great contacts in the area that want to help with the launch, and with that has come some valuable yet unexpected advice. So, pray that God would lead us to the right decision for Easter Sunday. Thanks


Today’s prayer request is one that could apply to people everywhere in our hurried nation: prayer to slow down. As I’ve taken our son to preschool this semester (he’s a toddler, so it’s more of a mother-child class), the biggest lesson we keep hearing about is how crazy life will become once our kids start school. I’ve hear horror stories of sports schedules and academic schedules and spending way too much time shuffling kids around. Unfortunately those stories are not the exception – neither here nor anywhere in our country. Please pray that our church will be a resting place. Jesus says that His burden is easy and His yoke is light. Please pray that in our church (and your’s too!) Jesus’s rest and peace will be evident.