Good news! The Meetings from earlier this week went well. Also, Travis was able to record 2 of the 3 sermons he needed to record. Pray that the video editing works well over the next 24 hrs so the sermons can be up by Sunday. Thanks



Today, I ask that you would pray for several things that we need to start planning: VBS in the park for this summer; our next outreach event; several summer outreach events (soccer camps, block parties, etc…); our live internet services launching on Easter. There are many details to figure out on all of these, but I know God already has the details worked out. Thanks!


We have a lot of exciting things happening this next week. Please pray for wisdom, and for the ability to vision cast properly. I have a meeting this Wednesday that is particularly important for what we are doing. Thanks


This week God has proven once again to be God. Bringing me once again to the cross.  Someone said that we work hard so that we can do good things.  I agree, but would add God to that picture.  So, I would say that we work hard so that we are in position to do the good works that God has for us to do.  Please pray for that goal for us and for yourself.  Thank you for your prayers, for the creator of all there is, hears them!


I appreciate your prayers for wisdom in regarding the NAMB apprentice program and a recent opportunity that was presented for Lakeview. Had a really good visit with an awesome man of God who is looking to start in this program July 2013. The entire conversation was a huge answer to prayer.


We have the opportunity to bring in some additional help through the NAMB intern and apprentice programs for church planters. I have just been introduced to someone interested in the apprentice program, and would appreciate your prayers as we move forward in conversations with this potential candidate. Thanks!