In two days (Saturday, 1/26) we will host our first city-wide event as a way to recruit members for our launch. Please be in prayer for this event, that God will bring people who are interested in joining a new church, that we will be able to communicate the primary message of Lakeview (Jesus), and that outside distractions would be defeated. Thanks for the prayers!




We are getting ready for our first big event in the city. This Saturday, Lakeview Church is hosting am open house party. This will be the first real opportunity for those in the city to learn about our church and how they can be involved in helping us launch. Launch Sunday is currently scheduled for March 17, so we have about 8 weeks to prepare. Getting excited! More prayer requests to come later. Thanks for the prayers!


Today we will begin a week long focus of advertising our launch meeting. Please pray that all the meeting places today will receive our flier on their community boards (we will be hitting up libraries, coffee shops, and other public gathering places). Thanks!



Today I ask for prayer concerning our facility few are looking to rent for the launch party next week. Pray that wall details will be worked out concerning this. Thanks,


UPDATE: we were able to secure everything. Thanks for the prayers!


So today’s post is getting up kind of late. I apologize for that, and yet it comes with a great request: time management. Say what? Time management is a great request? Yep! Today is one of those days in which God dropped a bombshell on me, in a good way. Several of our ministry team had meetings today that went very well, and after debriefing we now realize how much needs to get done in the next 2 months. Specifically over the next few days: pray that we will be able to sign the rental agreement for the room to host our launch team meeting/party. This event will take place next Saturday, Jan 26. We have fliers printed up and ready to go, what we need is the rental agreement finished. This will be our top priority tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers!


Today, we are reminding everyone to join us in prayer for the funds to do our mail marketing campaign. The idea behind this is to blanket the city of Woodbury with mailers inviting the people to come to our launch services, as well as inviting them to participate in our launch team. The average return on mailers nationwide is 1%, meaning if we sent out a 1000 mailers, we can expect 10 families to show up. However, in Woodbury the response is 3%, meaning we’d have 30 families check us out with this mailer. We are targeting to send out 5,000-20,000 of these fliers, depending on the funds available. We are specifically asking God to provide $5000 for this work. Join us today in praying for this. Thanks!


Today I would ask for prayer concerning our new website. We are in the final negotiation stages with the company that will be doing the website for us. I am excited about the possibilities this new website will bring, especially from a marketing standpoint. This will also bring an end to our struggle to figure out podcasting in iTunes, so those of you who have been waiting to subscribe to our sermons via iTunes, be in prayer that all the issues concerning this new sight will be resolved quickly. Thanks