Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….that has been the theme in the Twin Cities the past few days. I woke up this morning to 16 inches of it. For a southern boy, there’s nothing like bonding with your neighbors over shoveling snow. So what does snow have to do with today’s prayer request? We our currently experimenting with a new website design, one that will allow us to put out a cutting-edge online church experience. And with all the snow on the ground, we find ourselves with a bit more time indoors.However, there have been a lot of problems, technical and other wise. One brief example: Yesterday’s sermon had to literally¬† be recorded 4 different times before we were able to export it correctly to our video editing software. This has never happened before. It is exhausting enough to preach 4 times in one day, but with all the other technical issues, our spirits were quite low. So, today’s request is that the technology and distraction ‘demons’ would be defeated, and that God would guide us in this endeavor with the next phase of Lakeview’s online church. The snow on the ground is giving us extra time inside, on the computers, so we want it to be time well spent and guided by God, without all the technical difficulties. Thanks for the prayers!


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