I’ve been reading a book by Timothy Keller called The Prodigal God. In this book he presents three different types or categories of prayer: “petition,” “confession,” and “adoration.” Then he spends some time describing people who are morally good, but get caught up in a trap of doing the moral, religious things for their own sake. Of this crowd, he observes that many “do not have much of a private prayer life at all unless things are not going well in their lives.” He later observes that such behavior “reveals that their main goal in prayer is to control their environment rather than to delve into an intimate relationship with a God who loves them” (all quotes are from pages 73-74).

I’ve pondered this all day, and thus have been intentional with posting late. I want to encourage all of us today: instead of lifting up a specific request, let us spend time in prayers of “adoration,” intentionally relishing a prayer (or series of prayer) leading us into an intimate relationship with our God, who we know loves us. We know He loves us…so today, let’s find a variety of ways to communicate that truth to Him. Adore God. We’ll be back tomorrow with more prayers of “petition.” (PS – Evangelism at the park yesterday went really well – I’ll update more tomorrow). Enjoy God!


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