God is good. All the time. Last night, Travis had been on the road for about four hours when my cell phone rang. His car had broken down in Ankeny, IA. For those of you who know us, this is the same place we got stranded for two days two Thanksgivings ago when the same car broke down while traveling the same route. So, argh. Don’t stop in Ankeny and maybe we can avoid car trouble?

Travis opened the hood of his car and saw that the battery was so corroded that it had caved in on itself. And as we learned last time, Ankeny is a town where everything closes early on Saturdays and doesn’t open on Sundays. He was able to run into Walmart though and replace the battery himself.

The car still wouldn’t start. The wires were so corroded that the connection wasn’t working.

So, he walked across the bridge over the freeway to a hotel. At 3:30 a.m., he finally called the front desk because of a party above him. So Travis didn’t get to sleep until about 4:00.

After five hours of sleep, he went to check out, and learned that the manager had decided to give him the room for free because of all the noise. Praise God for gracious hotel managers!

Then, upon hearing about the car trouble, one of the hotel mechanics gave Travis a ride back over to Walmart so he wouldn’t have to walk the half mile in the freezing rain.

Travis got in his car and decided to pray first. He absentmindedly put his hand on the gear shift…and it moved into park. Given the way this car is wired, it shouldn’t have been possible for him to walk away from the car with it locked last night. The car started without a problem. And upon investigation, the wires look wonderful!

We’re going to call this a God thing. He is before us, behind us, and beside us as work diligently in putting together this church. And today, He is guiding Travis all the way to Texas.


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