11-30-12 (the 50-50 challenge)

Over the next two months (December and January), we are asking all those who pray with our church to join us in two specific requests. We call it the 50-50 challenge, what that means is you commit to pray for these two specific requests at least 50 times over the next two months, or 25 times per month. I (Travis) have had the privilege of serving on some launch teams for books, ministries, missionary endeavors, etc… and one thing that all the leaders of these teams were challenged with is to have a big goal, cleverly labeled BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). In keeping with that theme, here is the BHAG for Lakeview over the next two months:

December: Finances are always an issue in any organization, but this is especially true of a church start. Given what the monetary needs are to be able to launch by February 10th, we are asking for God to supply all that by the end of December. Here’s the first ’50′ — Will you join us in praying that God will provide $50,000 to Lakeview by 11:59 PM December 31st?

January: Jesus never intended the church to be primarily focused on money, and neither do we at Lakeview. Instead, Jesus focused on people, and that is our primary concern as well. Therefore, our BHAG for January is that God will supply 50 people who are committed to the launch team by January 31. Will you join us in praying for this 50 in January?

Thank you for your prayers!



I’ve been planning our first Sermon Series entitled “Jesus: Who Do You Say That I Am?” This will be an online sermon series, as the residents in Woodbury have expressed an interest in having this option. This means in the next three days, I need to finish sermon prep, do some decent updating to our website, setup an iTunes account, edit the video, splice just the audio version, and have everything posted by Saturday evening. Please pray for God to help us manage our time to get these tasks finished, and that we would be free of technology issues creating delays. Thanks!


I’ve been reading a book by Timothy Keller called The Prodigal God. In this book he presents three different types or categories of prayer: “petition,” “confession,” and “adoration.” Then he spends some time describing people who are morally good, but get caught up in a trap of doing the moral, religious things for their own sake. Of this crowd, he observes that many “do not have much of a private prayer life at all unless things are not going well in their lives.” He later observes that such behavior “reveals that their main goal in prayer is to control their environment rather than to delve into an intimate relationship with a God who loves them” (all quotes are from pages 73-74).

I’ve pondered this all day, and thus have been intentional with posting late. I want to encourage all of us today: instead of lifting up a specific request, let us spend time in prayers of “adoration,” intentionally relishing a prayer (or series of prayer) leading us into an intimate relationship with our God, who we know loves us. We know He loves us…so today, let’s find a variety of ways to communicate that truth to Him. Adore God. We’ll be back tomorrow with more prayers of “petition.” (PS – Evangelism at the park yesterday went really well – I’ll update more tomorrow). Enjoy God!


Today is another day of follow up phone calls. Pray that these go well, and that the LORD would open the doors of communication with those He has prepared to be a part of this team. Secondly, some of our team will be meeting at central park today to spread word about Jesus, as well as Lakeview. Pray that God would guide us in this effort today. Thanks!


We are thankful for all God has done this year. I hope you had a great weekend with family and friends. Today, I ask that you would join us in continued prayer for fundraising contacts. I (Travis) have many calls to make this week as a follow-up to our recent trip. This is a praise, because we have the additional contacts. It is also a pray request, because it takes time, and timing (catching people at their desk when you call is not easy). Thanks for the prayers!


There are five more contacts that Travis was introduced to on his trip. Over the next several days we are praying that he will be able to connect with these people and spread the word about God’s work in Woodbury.