I think this is the hardest post I’ve had to make. We are on the verge of needing to quit. We received a grand total of $80 in october. We can’t pay rent tomorrow. We should have $2500 in our church account from which we can pull a small paycheck. Instead, we have nothing. Where did all the money go? We don’t know if it got lost in the mail or if churches and NAMB decided not to give this month. We need serious prayer that this is resolved TODAY so we can pay rent tomorrow.



We officially have online giving on the website!! If you go to our website – http://www.lakeviewchurchmn.org – and click on the ‘donate’ tab, it’ll take you to a secure site for online giving.

Today’s prayer request is that we can make progress with the fundraising dvd. We need to film the last segment of it and put it together. But first, we need to upgrade the memory in Kristi’s computer so it can handle this type of project. We’re guessing it will take all week to get everything done for this project, so our prayer today is that we can make some significant progress with everything.


We took a break, a true Sabboth, for the past 48 hours. Usually when we take a day off, we still talk about church business or sermon plans the entire day and never actually take a full day away from work. This time, we visited a few seminary friends in North Dakota and just relaxed. Tomorrow we are back at it. Our prayer for you this weekend is that you can take at least a few hours away from work and truly relax with your family in the presence of God.


We are enjoying the snow today! It’s still too warm for anything to actually stick to the ground, but it’s fun to look out the window and see huge snowflakes blowing around. Today’s prayer request is that we can get the fundraising dvd put together. We figured out that we need to upgrade the ram in Kristi’s macbook in order to finish the video editing. So, we need prayer for funds to do that in addition to prayer for actually finishing this thing.


Big praise! We finally have online giving available! It should be on the website sometime tomorrow. We are blessed to be under the 501(c)3 of Bethel Baptist (another Baptist church in the Twin Cities), and this has been a coordinated effort of us, Bethel, and the company that hosts the online giving. Without being able to meet all in the same place, the communication needed to complete this task has taken six weeks.

What’s your praise today? Take some time and thank God for His constant provision.


We spent the morning in Rochester, MN, meeting with a few people from the MN-WI state convention. Travis learned about how to finish setting up the business side of the church, and Kristi learned about all the different women’s ministry opportunities in the convention. Please pray that we can get the online giving set up this week! That’s a business detail that has become a mountain to complete.


Big praise! We learned today that we received our check from NAMB for our start-up funds! On a related note, Travis is putting together a fundraising trip for mid-November. Please pray we can work out all the details for this trip.