I (Kristi) am going to start a women’s small group in a week and a half. Because we don’t have a church community yet to draw from, I’m going to just put this out there in the community and hope that people come. I’m going to start by telling all the moms we see at the park (walking to the park has become an after-dinner ritual with our son). Please pray that God would bless this endeavor, that He would bring together a group of women from the immediate community that can become the beginnings of a women’s ministry. As the women’s director of our church, my passion is to see this branch of Lakeview Church be a place where women can be transformed by Christ through prayer, friendship, and conversation about the realities of life.



We are currently out driving around looking at meeting space. We think we found something! Please pray everything works out!


This is the first day without any meetings in a while. We have a long list of administrative things to get done. Please pray for focus! We’re putting together the next newsletter, calling to arrange the fundraising trip, and finishing up the last documents for the website.


We took yesterday afternoon off from everything and took our toddler to the apple orchard. What a blessing it was to see our little guy laughing among the raspberry fields! We picked a container full of raspberries and half a bag of apples…we love fruit in our house! Today we are back to business though. We’re working on putting together more documents for the website. Today’s task: the vision statement. It’s fun to dream about what God’s going to do with Lakeview Church. Please pray that we can clearly articulate the vision that we believe God is calling us to.


Today we’re praying for funding. We are only about 15-20% funded right now. Travis is planning a fundraising trip back to Texas in a few weeks. Today though we need to pray for NAMB. We’ve been approved, we’ve been told that funds are on the way, but it’s been a month and the local association hasn’t received the check yet (NAMB is supposed to send a check to the local association, who then turns around and sends us a check). The local Baptist association has been providing the funds for us anyway, in faith that the money will arrive. Today, please pray that we can work through whatever red tape we’ve come against.


Thank you to all for your prayers on the neighborhood chaplain idea. As of now we have not heard back from the neighborhood associations, so continue to pray for this opportunity to come to fruition. Also, we ask that you continue to pray for the funding issues to be worked out. More details on this request tomorrow. Thanks!