I’ve been reading through the book of Mark lately, and this morning I read the part about Jesus feeding the 5000, and then the 4000. When this is all done, He turned to His disciples and tried to walk them through an understanding of the miracle that just took place (see Mark 8). It occurred to me that if God was able to multiply their bread and fish, and even leave them with leftovers, then He could easily make the ministry here multiply as well. We are at a standstill right now with our first Sunday morning meeting: the denomination has misplaced our application/paperwork for funding, which needs to be taken care of before we will receive funding for sound equipment and rental space. We’ve got people in place and ideas for marketing, but we can’t do anything  until we hear back from the denominational leaders. God is bigger than this, and He can multiply the funding that we are receiving to fill this gap. That’s our prayer for today and this week: that He would multiply our funding so that we can move forward.


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