Today is moving day! We’ve been staying with Kristi’s parents for the last month, and today is the day we move into our townhouse. We’ve got several guys from local churches coming to help tonight, so hopefully the process goes fairly quickly. Our plan is to take this weekend to set up the house, and then next week we’ve got several places to call for rental space for the church. So, today’s prayer request is that the move goes smoothly!



I read through Habakkuk this morning, and as I came to the end, it occurred to me what a gift Habakkuk was given. I know I’ve studied this book before and come to the same conclusion, but sometimes God sends us to a specific scripture in order to remind us all over again. In this book, Habakkuk begins by complaining to God about the injustice committed within the Israelite nation and how God seems to not care. God responds by saying that He’s sending the Chaldeans to attack, and thereby punish the Israelites for their disobedience. By the end of this short book, Habakkuk praises God for His loving care of His people.

God gave Habakkuk the gift of knowing exactly why bad guys were coming against the nation. And in doing so, he praised God. There is a song on the radio right now, I can’t remember what it’s called at the moment, but there is a line that says something like “what if pain is really God’s mercy.” That’s the message of this book.

So today, take a moment to examine your approach to whatever it is you’re dealing with. Instead of just asking God to fix your situation, examine it instead to see if God’s trying to teach you something, or rescuing you from something worse. God loves each of us more than we could ever realize, and sometimes, while we cannot see the reason, trials really are a gift of His mercy.


As I write this, I am watching my son (on the baby monitor) shaking his crib in protest of going to bed. Actually, he’s shaking it because he dumped all his stuffed animals over the rail and now wants them back so he can go to sleep. This has become a regular pattern. Really, it’s a silly thing to get upset over, considering he caused the problem. And yet, he knows if he is persistent in shaking the crib, Dad will come back in and give him his heart’s desire (the stuffed animals, in this case).

I can’t help but get this picture in my head of likening the above to how prayer works. God is the loving, compassionate Father who knows we are perfectly capable of making it through the day without our stuffed animals. Yet, because He loves us, He is willing to grant us our heart’s desire, even if the request seems a bit silly (especially if we are persistent in our request – Lk 18:1; 1 Thes 5:17; Eph 5:20). How much more will He hear our prayers and supply our needs when the request is something of importance? Today, rather than praying for something specific for us, we at Lakeview would like to encourage you to let your requests be made known to God, and trust that He will take care of you (Phil 4:19).


We’re putting together the next newsletter today! I actually really enjoy this part of ministry. I always pray through putting the labels on the envelopes as I remember each person in our contact list. God made every person unique and I love remembering all the different stories we’ve heard of His goodness in your lives. So, our prayer request today is that you would take a moment and praise Him for how good He is!


We’ve made some awesome ministry contacts this week and excitement is building. We’ve also had a b’jillion ideas about the church to sort through, both through our own brainstorming and through talking with people. Please pray that we can discern God’s leading clearly on all this!


Today was filled with meetings and ministry contacts. God has a big vision for this area, and it’s fun to see how everyone fits into that vision. Today, praise God for His great plans for His people.