In a previous post, we mentioned a verse in Matthew in which Jesus says “The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few…” Today, this truth has really been weighing on my (Travis) heart. I recently came across a very alarming statistic for our nation: There is not 1 county in the U.S. in which there are more Spiritual Births (people coming to faith in Christ) than there are physical births within a 1 year period. Let the weight of that sink in. Today’s prayer request is that God would direct us to the workers He has prepared for this church. These workers include those who will be a part of our core team in Woodbury, as well as those who will be prayer and financial partners in this work. Two months is not even close to enough time to get the word out to everybody in Woodbury, the Twin Cities, and Texas (where I’m from), so we need God to show us who He has prepared for this work. Also, in light of the statistic I quoted earlier, pray specifically that God would lead us to someone with a strong gift of evangelism to join our core team in Woodbury. Until tomorrow!


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