God delights in laughter. Proverbs 17:22 reminds us that ‘a cheerful heart is good medicine.’ We pray that Lakeview Church can be a blessing for the people, a place filled with laughter and peace.



James 1:27 tells us that pure and undefiled religion is to care for orphans. I would add to that the millions of children that are in the Foster care system due to parental problems. Orphan and Foster care will be a big part of Lakeview’s missions emphasis, and today I would like for us to pray for God to provide for these precious children.


Please pray for a leadership team. If anyone’s ever served on a search committee before, you know how slow the process can be. Please pray that God leads us to the right people.


Things are starting to come together: we have a logo being developed, financing is starting to trickle in, and mission teams are already being prepared for September and December/January. Praise God for what He is doing! There are still a lot of things that need to happen before August, but I wanted to take today to praise God for what He has already accomplished! Keep praying for the fundraising efforts. Until tomorrow…


Please pray for Travis! He has a big meeting tomorrow to see about funding for the church, and some unknown bug has just hit him.

Also, pray for the people of Woodbury. As I (Kristi) get out into the community, I can’t help but get excited for what God’s doing here. He is on the move and He is doing great things!


Today I want to pray for the churches in our association, the Twin Cities Metro Baptist Association (TCMBA). Last week I was informed that the church who was slated to be our partner church has just had their Sr. Pastor resign. This brings two requests: 1 prayer for this church as they begin the process of searching for a new Pastor; 2 pray that we will be able to quickly find another partner church. Partner churches help church plants by managing a lot of the legal aspects until we have a strong enough core to manage it ourselves. Thanks for the prayers!


Starting a new church can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting. It is very exciting work, yet there are so many hurdles and unexpected things that if one does not keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, discouragement can set in. Today I would ask that you pray for the leaders of this new church, that we would be protected from discouragement, that God would keep us invigorated for this new work. So excited to see what He has in store!