Travis’s computer crashed today…and we launch our online campus in a week and a half. We’re asking for help replacing it – we’re looking for a new mac (give how much video work we’ve been doing, a mac makes more sense than a pc). We’re also asking for prayer that God would grant us favor with technology and keep everything working well! Thanks!



We are working on paperwork and such for a few of our staff who want to become official NAMB interns, and for a couple who has decided to become a NAMB apprentice with us. The paperwork has become a stressful process. Please pray we can figure this out by the end of the week.

(A NAMB intern is someone who is given a monthly stipend from the denomination and expected to work 20-25 hours a week for a church plant. An apprentice is someone who is paid full time by the denomination and is expected to work 40 hours a week for 12 months, learning all they can about church planting during that year, and then is expected to plant a church on their own.)


We have been working hard all week to work out the kinks in the online church site. our plan is to launch on Easter, and we’ve actually started advertising this, so we’re stuck with that launch day! If we work hard, we should be able to get all this put together at a reasonable pace. Please pray that our launch goes well!


Good news! The Meetings from earlier this week went well. Also, Travis was able to record 2 of the 3 sermons he needed to record. Pray that the video editing works well over the next 24 hrs so the sermons can be up by Sunday. Thanks


Short and simple today: Travis is recording three sermons this afternoon. Our plan is to have several uploaded so we can experiment with the online church concept before we launch later this month. Please pray he has the stamina to get through all three, and the video camera works properly (last time the battery died and he didn’t have a way to plug it in).


Today, I ask that you would pray for several things that we need to start planning: VBS in the park for this summer; our next outreach event; several summer outreach events (soccer camps, block parties, etc…); our live internet services launching on Easter. There are many details to figure out on all of these, but I know God already has the details worked out. Thanks!


We have a lot of exciting things happening this next week. Please pray for wisdom, and for the ability to vision cast properly. I have a meeting this Wednesday that is particularly important for what we are doing. Thanks